‘Return to Our El Paso Roots’
October 1 - 7, 2019

El Paso Desert photo

Thanks for your attendance at Return to our El Paso Roots 2019

Visit to Estine's Barbeshop image We hope you were able to attend our Return to our El Paso Roots 2019 Reunion. Click here to see photos. The week was full of wonderful events, activities and people. Our wonderful reunion included "Down Memory Lane" as we toured the Historical African American landmarks, old neighborhoods, "The Projects", Concordia Cemetery, Buffalo Soldier Memorial, Estines's Barbershop, the Carlisle Learning Center and more.  There were relevant roundtable discussions, an Author's Corner and events that included the UTEP Black Alumni.   The nearly week-long event culminated in a Return to our Roots Jazz and Jam Reunion Dinner and a two-day Hospitality  Reminiscing Room. We hope you were able to participate. Thank you for being a part of the Reunion and see you in 2021!

Certificate of Special Recognition and Congressional Record Document

Congressional Letter image Congressional Record Document image Our Reunion was honored by Congresswoman Veronica Escobar with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition and with  Congressional Record Statement. We were commended for the cultural tradition of our Return to Our El Paso Roots and recognized as a significant part of El Paso heritage.

"There is special importance in passing down the rich history and culture that we experience throughout our lives and this event seeks to do exactly that. This reunion serves as an opportunity for participants to share stories, explore the growth of El Paso's African American community, and support the University of Texas at El Paso's Black Alumni Network (UBAN)."

Proclamation by City of El Paso, Texas

Mayor and Council of El Paso image Recognizing the importance of this historic and memorable week, the Mayor and Council of the City of El Paso designated the week as the Return to Our El Paso Roots Reunion Week.

"Whereas, it is a time to treasure heritage and the unique El Paso 'Roots' and understanding the importance of passing, to future generations, the city's rich history, as seen through the eyes of the small percentage of African Americans who grew up on El Paso, as well as those who have settled in El Paso over the years."

‘Return to Our El Paso Roots’ 2019